‘A must read for all independent retailers. Ian concisely shows the real issues facing retailers and gives credible and simple to follow ways in which to stay ahead of the game. Even as a successful retailer, the insights contained in Ian’s book help to re-enforce all the things you are doing right so you know where to focus. A brilliant book that can help independent retailers to better predict the future of retail and how to make sure you rise above the game.’

Yuvi Rana
Director – Yuvilite Ltd 

‘A true inspiration! The turn to guide for the independent retailer in a world of giants. This book has made me look at myself as an independent retailer and my business from a different angle.  Rather than bemoan the giant retailers, it is time to take them head on and embrace the changes and challenges and differentiate ourselves.  I found Ian’s book informative motivational and a very pleasant read.’

Andy Lobb
Managing Partner – The Lampshade Warehouse Lighting Outlet

‘I’m so glad to have read Ian’s book. It is difficult to know how to move forward with this constant battle of the price wars and price matching demands. I have taken away some very good ideas and reminded myself that we do have a lot to offer our customers who are prepared to value us and our showroom. I struggle greatly with singing out praises using social media and asking others to do the same, but I can see there would be huge benefits from doing this. I will re-read this in greater detail and I will recommend other members of staff do the same. In short – in a very difficult time for small retailers this has been an inspiring and motivating read. I have taken away some great ideas and will be singing my praises to all who will listen!’

Julie Gwilliam
Director – The Famous Little Lamp Shop

The book took us on an insightful, thought-provoking journey which encompassed just the right amount of personal story telling, historical references and meaningful examples. Describing the book as an “easy read” is by no means meant as a negative, in fact quite the opposite. The book flows with ease through its concepts, allowing the reader to concentrate on the useful content rather than be distracted by overdone analogies or a condescending tone (neither of which are present!). We also appreciated the concise summaries at the end of each chapter as they didn’t labour the point. Overall the book is beautifully written and at points throughout the book effortlessly brings the reader back to the title characters/story of David and Goliath. We enjoyed the read and there is no doubt in our minds that as an independent retailer we will benefit from the resulting thought process and from implementing the lessons.

Paul Bullingham
Fusion Lighting