Who is Your Target Customer?

A One-week online training course designed to help you to define your ideal customer. If you can’t clearly define who your ideal customer is then you don’t really have an effective business.

When you know precisely what kind of customer you want to attract, you can stock more of the products they will want to buy. Your marketing and social media campaigns will speak to them. Your prospecting will be focused on this sector of the marketplace and when you promote your personal brand, you will share your expertise and insights in a way that will appeal to them. 

The more you know and understand your target customer the more relevant your business becomes to them. The closer you get to your target, the higher the value of the customer. The more you understand the desires and aspirations of your target customer the more valuable you become to them. And the more valuable you become to them the more they are willing to pay a premium for your products. When you know who your ideal customer is you can develop your marketing messages, sales pitches, products and services to attract more of them. 

When you try to be all things to all people you become bland and boring. Your audience doesn’t know what you stand for which makes it difficult for them to decide if they can or want to do business with you. When you understand and know your audience you are more likely to be heard by them in a crowded market place. 

This one-week interactive online training course will help you to define your target customer with the help of videos, training slides and a series of questionaries’. By the end of the course you will have a greater understanding of who your target audience is and their dominant problems. With this crucial information at your fingertips you will be ready to position your business to attract more of your favourite customers. This training module has been designed to suit your busy schedule so that you can easily complete the course within a week at home or at work. 





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