Leadership Skills for Independent Retailers – With Ian Retallick

A two day masterclass to help bring your leadership skills to the forefront of your business and inspire your employees to greatness.

Your main job as an independent retailer is to be a guiding light to your staff. Knowing what your company goals and direction are is vital to successful leadership. It’s impossible to lead others unless you know where you are going. So, how do you inspire your employees to stay focused on ‘the bigger picture’?

When your goals are clear and specific you can lead with clarity and confidence and inspire your staff to magnify their own skills and talents. Successful leaders surround themselves with people who often have better or different skills to them. The secret of great leadership is achieved when your staff are empowered to make decisions, share information, and try new things.

This two-day masterclass will help you to become an inspirational leader by:

  • Focusing on the bigger picture
  • Emphasize the importance of process
  • Building Employees’ Involvement
  • Recognizing Achievement
  • Spread the positive energy to others
  • And much more…

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