Branding and Messaging – With Sapna Pieroux

A 4-week masterclass to help you create branding and messaging to attract and communicate clearly with your target market.

Having the right image and message is essential for you to grow your business. A strong brand and messaging will cut through the noise and help you stand out and attract the right customers. What is your branding saying right now? Sapna Pieroux is co-author of Fit for Purpose Leadership 2 and founder of InnerVisions ID, a brand consultancy which helps businesses look great and communicate clearly. She previously worked at emap, The Telegraph, Trinity Mirror Group and O2 Media creating content and award-winning campaigns to help brands like Selfridges, Harrods, Clinique and Mercedes mobilise consumers into taking action.

Your Branding and Messaging masterclass begins with a one-day workshop with Sapna where you will learn how to:

Build your brand through every aspect of your business – and why this is important.
Identify your unique brand that will differentiate you from your competitors.
Use branding to differentiate your business – brand name, strapline, values, colour, type, language, copy
Cut through the clutter with an image and message that appeals to the right audience.

Once you have completed the one-day workshop we will enrol you onto our 4-week online training course. This is where you will create your powerful brand and compelling message with our easy to use step-by-step guide. When you have completed the online course, you are invited to attend our follow up webinar where we will help you to finalise your brand and message and answer any questions that you may have. In addition, we will register you with our free closed Facebook group Specialist Retailers Forum which is a powerful group of highly motivated and inspirational retailers like yourself who are happy to share and contribute great ideas.

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