Our Purpose: To Clearly Identify and Communicate Your Value to your customers so you get paid well for your expertise.

Why do some retailers generate twice as much turnover with the same resources and opportunities as their nearest competitors?

“My Dad was in retail all his life and was well known for turning failing stores into successful outlets. But, when he went into his own business he really struggled. I have often wondered what happened. Did he suddenly lose all his skills when he became an independent retailer? Of course not. I believe that the major reason for his struggle was that he was unable to communicate his value to his customer base. 

The key to communicating your value is to develop or create soft assets that can be sold for a profit or that directs traffic to your core products. A soft asset is defined as anything that is unique to your business and will continue to add value even if you left the business. 

I created my Five Soft Assets Methodology to help independent retailers identify and communicate their true value to their customers.”

Ian Retallick, founder of Specialist Retailers, author of David & Goliath, How Independent Retailers Can Take on the Giants and Win.

Let’s take a look at the three dominant problems for independent retailers…


Customers who waste your time, don’t value your expertise, ask your advice and then buy the same thing online at a fraction of the cost.


Spending more time on trying to sell low-value items than on high-value core products. How do you attract a better quality customer?

Cash Flow

Margins are constantly eroded by online competition and low-value products making it difficult to grow the business.

As an independent retailer, how do you attract a Steady Flow of Great Customer's?

It has been said that “income follow’s assets” which means that if you want to increase your income you need to acquire more assets.But, many independent retailers are unable to purchase property or machinery to help them increase their turnover. However, their is a powerful source of income that is often overlooked and that needn’t cost a lot of money. And that is the power of soft assets. We live in a digital age where soft assets can become a great source of revenue for small companies. The five main types of soft assets are: 

  1. Great Content that can be used on social media and other platforms to drive traffic to your store.
  2. Methods or systems that can help your customer’s achieve a better in-store experience. 
  3. Personal branding that enhance’s your trust and credibility. 
  4. A strong database of customer’s so you never run out of great customer’s and 
  5. A range of product’s unique to your store giving you control over image rights, branding and distribution. 
It is essential that all five soft assets work in harmony with each other to achieve a lasting effect and to increase your turnover. If you would like to learn how to implement these idea’s into your business then please click on the button below for a free no obligation chat: